Stevie Style

Stevie Nicks’ style can be summed up as a velvet-clad-ballerina-witch draped in lace. Personally, I would love to get a perm and dye my hair blonde because of her, but considering all my hair would probably fall out I have to settle for a more non-permanent alternative to emulate the goddess that is Stevie Nicks.


Stevie a sheer black dress with floral embroidery and sequins

I’ve put together a sort of Stevie inspired dreamboard that makes her stage style more realistic for everyday wear. This embroidered, velvet jacket with dreamy purple and reds is just perfect. I probably would sell my house for this. I like the pairing of a skinny black velvet scarf and a sheer embroidered deep V neck underneath.

roberto cavalli velvet

Roberto Cavalli Autumn 2016 – ok not so realistic to buy but I think it could be a major source of inspiration in one outfit

This black sheer wrap top could be coupled with a black lace bra underneath (Urban Outfitters have really nice ones). The long necklace is perfect with a deep V. Extra Stevie points for a crescent moon pendant.

uo tops

Urban Outfitters sheer wrap crop top with bell sleeves and a long silver necklace.

These platforms are such a beautiful purple – they’re like a mix of satin and velvet with embellishments on the side. Love the idea of sheer black socks / or lace socks could be another option. Damn you Nasty Gal! Now I’m on their website – which I can’t even order from because I live in Ireland & the tax and duties would break my heart.


Nasty Gal platforms and sheer socks

Another website that’s got great vintage looking stuff is Reformation. Yet another website I can’t order from without insane taxes and duties, but I have a look from time to time for inspiration.


Velvet dress from Reformation with a slit and deep V neck

Stevie went for a lot of deep necklines and usually had a cinched waist and bellowy skirts and sleeves. The thin black scarf and layered necklaces tie the Stevie look together nicely here.


Another Reformation dress


Lacey, beaded, sheer, sparkles, plunging neckline, vintage looking, beautiful I am obsessed.

roberto cavalli

Another Roberto Cavalli – I’m so sorry for this unrealisticness – but just ugh 

She infamously wears black lacey dresses, but here’s a nice example of colour. Fitted body, the top part reminds me of a ballet dancer’s leotard, then a fuller billowy midi skirt (I imagine) and some accessories. Fun fact: she had a necklace of Merlin the wizard.


Stevie in a lilac dress and a pink shimmery scarf, with silver layered necklaces.

Stevie wore a near identical outfit to this cropped terracotta wrap top and blue flares. She wore it with a pair of platform suede boots – but I think this version modernises the look a bit more. You want to emulate the style of the time, not look like you stepped out of a time machine.


Jeanne Damas for Reformation


Elie Saab did a beautiful collection that had a gorgeous Stevie/magic vibe. It captured the bohemian elegance and mix of vintage pretty/70s glam. But Elie Saab is yet another brand I can only get ideas from rather than buy (because I need to buy food to eat in order to live) – Free People do the most stunning clothes that really omit bohemian vibes without taking away your silhouette. It’s much more affordable than Elie Saab by far, but they would be investment pieces (and surprise surprise massive tax and duties woohoo!).

free peopeelie saab


Here’s some dreaminess free of my spoken word.