Organic Haircare

I’ve been trying to get back into a more natural way of living lately. Having been consumed by work over the summer and autumn, I feel like I’ve been thrown off self-care balance a bit. So I went onto and ordered a bunch of stuff, as you do.

I’ve normal to fine hair so I thought I’d try John Masters Organic Normal to Fine Hair Collection (because obvz). This is the Lavender Rosemary shampoo, the Citrus & Neroli conditioner and the Deep Scalp Follicle treatment (which I’ve never done before!).

The shampoo says it will make the hair shinier, thicker looking and increase volume as well as slowing hair loss. The conditioner says it increases shine, volume and fullness. It also says it treats dry scalp and strengthens the hair. The Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment promises to stimulate blood flow in the scalp which encourages healthy hair growth, and it eliminates free radicals, as well as apparently being an excellent volumiser for thin/fine hair.

I found the smell of the products were gorgeous, especially if you love essential oils. But the lovely smell didn’t last on my hair – only when I was using the products was there any smell, which is disappointing. But my hair definitely did feel lighter and looked healthy and shiny.  I’ve only started using these products and I found them good so I don’t know the longterm effects I’m just going over the immediate results I’ve gotten. I’d buy again if they weren’t so pricey at about 20 euro each nearly which isn’t ideal if you’re a college student with unfixed work (like me!).

I do absolutely adore the fact that PETA endorses John Masters Organics, it’s actually an organic line (which means no nasty chemicals and pesticides, which are harmful in the longterm), and that a lot of the products are suitable for vegans. Below I’ve gone onto the website and copied and pasted the guidelines the company follows.

All ingredients must meet strict guidelines :
1. All products must be made with 70-100% organic content
2. No sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs
3. No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)
4. No animal testing
5. No artificial colors, fragrances or fillers
6. All plant extracts and essential oils must be certified organic whenever possible
7. All essential oils used must be steam-distilled and not extracted with propylene glycol – which kills the
effect of the oils
8. All plant oils must be cold pressed, not heat distilled – which kills the therapeutic properties of plant oils
9. All ingredients must be proven to be beneficial to the hair or skin
10. All ingredients must be harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner (wild-crafted)
11. All ingredients must be bio-degradable as possible



Teens to 20’s

Since I’m approaching the end of my teen years, I thought it’d be a good time to reflect on how my body’s handling the situation. Often people, especially women, get stressed or anxious about ageing and I’m finding that’s not the case for me. Maybe because I’ve a, somewhat, positive perspective on the process and accept it in general. Also it could be the fact that I’ve seen really stunning, elegant older women and I find it aspirational.


Iris Apfel, for instance. My ultimate goal.

What I’ve noticed mostly is the fact that I’ve put on weight for the first time in my life. Noticeably in the past 3 months. I’ve always been super thin thanks to a high metabolism. Eating large amounts of carbs and doing no exercise wasn’t any kind of worry for me. I see a slight pooch instead of a flat stomach and a rounder face, very small changes but huge surprises for me. Another surprise about this is that I’m not as terrified of this as I thought I would be, it’s just smaller portions with better food & exercise. Doable, manageable stuff.


On the subject of food, I’m starting to lose my sweet tooth. Instead of 4 teaspoons of sugar in my tea – I’ll have none. Or preferably just a green tea. For the first time there’s a limit on how many sweets I can eat before a feel sick. That limit being max 4. Personally, I find this insanity. Or what’s even crazier I’d go for dinner over dessert. I know right, it’s fucking wild.


Roasted Veggie Pita with Avocado Dip

Something that I never thought would happen, though, is my hair has gotten thicker. I’m not good at taking vitamins or anything, so I’ve just put it down to age. Naturally I have very fine hair so this is like a miracle out of nowhere for me. Hairdressers keep telling me while my hair is very fine, I have a lot of hair which makes up for it. It could be down to the fact I’ve weened myself off of dry shampoo in the past couple of years so maybe I’ve let my scalp breathe again and new follicles emerged or some kind of wizardry.


There’s been a huge change in my skin, which is bizarre. I’ve always been a sweaty, shiny mess of excess sebum until I struck 18 where I noticed my skin becoming quite dry and thirsty. I even got eczema. Took me a while to cop that I shouldn’t go for the anti-oil products anymore, and start taking up a dry skin routine. My skin then transitioned to sensitive, and currently resides as combination. Now I’m trying to target cleaning and shrinking pores, and managing flakiness which sporadically attacks.


This model obviously has the skin of a newborn egg

Finally, with the transition from ‘teen’ to young adult – I’m finding a lot more clarity and that I’m becoming more self-aware rather than self-conscious and self-obsessed. I think being a teenager is a huge shit storm. They’re years that I won’t miss. I’m just glad I got something out of them, and that I feel no more ties to the teenage me. In fact, I feel more connected to the 4 year old me than the 14 year old me as I approach 20. Just fatter and with better hair.