Minimal Me

Just a year ago I got my first job and I was so excited to spend my money on, essentially, keeping up with the Jones’. Every style blog and beauty article was telling me about ‘must buys’ and ‘essentials’ and how to build a makeup collection (why do women need to build a makeup collection unless they’re makeup artists?!).


jeanne damas vanity clear


Now I’m stuck here a year later with piles of unworn clothes and duplicates of products I never even used. I didn’t know it at the time but all of this physical clutter was clogging up my mind and giving me straight up anxiety. All this accumulation of stuff was stressing me out and I didn’t really know how to manage it.


yoga minimal


One day I read an article about minimalism; how to ‘have less, do more. There were articles about unfucking your closet by creating a 37 piece capsule wardrobe, decluttering your beauty products and transitioning to more natural cosmetics, even making it easier to clean your room/house because you’ve less stuff for the sake of nostalgia and clutter.


jeanne vanity clutter


I cleared out all the clothes that were not practical for my lifestyle (the weather here in Ireland is wet and cold), that weren’t my style, that I couldn’t imagine wearing in a few years time, that were ill-fitting, as well as things that didn’t suit me or I wouldn’t miss. Most of the clothes I haven’t worn are put up on Depop, and I’m going to set up an eBay account too. Some clothes I’ve donated to charity. Some I’ve given to friends and family.


minimal wardrobe


As for beauty I gave products I didn’t use away to friends and family; hair texturisers, foundation, moisturiser, fake tan, etc- I threw out anything gone stale or unhygenic; eyeliners, mascaras, old nail varnishes, etc. What makeup I was left with could fit into a makeup bag easily. Packing takes a lot less time now and is much less stressful. As well as having less, I’ve been evaluating the ingredients in the products I was using. I now stick to a less than 10 ingredient guideline, or at least know what ingredients I am soaking into my skin.




I got rid of anything in my room that didn’t serve a purpose. Like I had old lamps with no bulb, random tables that just accumulated clutter, tons of old DVDs and books I read when I was 14. Just loads of ‘stuff’! I made sure everything had a place, which makes cleaning extremely quick and easy. I had to buy extra coat hangers, under bed storage boxes and a set of wicker baskets – but not much else.


cosy minimalist


Since then I’ve just been feeling so light and motivated. I’ve started doing things again like exercising, writing, drawing, reading – simply because my mind felt clear. I couldn’t believe how much of an impact my environment had on my brain. I’m going to do more detailed guidelines on how I decluttered my life in future – wardrobe, beauty and my room.


cosy bed yumminimal room 2minimal room








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